A week has passed already. It surprises me that it has gone so fast. When I was in the woods a week seemed forever, but here it seemed only just a day. Funny, isn't it? Ironic, actually. How the most boring thing in the world could let time go faster than the most exciting thing. Very ironic. I remember my first day at school very well, seeing it was only a week ago. My first lesson was English. Although I never had spoken the language, I learned very quickly. In five minutes time I could speak everything, that was in my book, perfectly. It surprised my teacher and the rest of my class. Except for Tsuki, of course. She just looked at me for a moment and than continued reading. I really liked this girl. She was very different from the rest. For an example: She didn't care about people. She only cared for the people that are close to her, special to her. And that were a few. For as far as I knew I'm one of the smartest children in class. That made the teacher say that some children of my class were realy stupid. Because I could understand everything in an instant and they needed like five days to understand it. With that statement I actually agreed with the teacher. These children were very stupid. When I said it out loud that I agreed, the children in my class glared at me and someone even growled. That was the first time I lost my temper in class. That day I stood up from my desk and stomped to the kid that growled at me with a terrifying look on my face. When I stopped in front of his -yes, it was a boy. A stupid boy- desk he cringed and sunk into his chair. But that did not stop me. No, it just encouraged me further. That day I hit the boy on his head and he needed to go to a hospital, because his head was bleeding. I, of course, didn't expect that to happen. I just thought that I would hurt him a little, not that bad. That was also the day where I could see the principal again. He was furious of course. He yelled at me for how stupid I was and that I could've killed the poor boy. Honestly, I could care less. But I didn't say that of course. I was in enough trouble already. So the principal punished me by cleaning duty instead of suspending me, because he knew my good grades could be usefull to the school. When I got home that evening Pangur-Ban asked me why I looked so neat. And then I told her everything. At first she just rolled her eyes, then she frowned, then she looked proud, then looked angry and at least she giggled. I asked her why she laughed and she answered that she laughed at me because I was punished to clean the school for a whole month after school. I just growled and she just kept giggling! It was dam annoying! But I couldn't kill her. Because she was still my loyal comrade and my only company. Tche, she was just damn lucky!

The other days at school went by like a flash. But I remembered everything clearly. Because I arrived at school in the afternoon on the first day, I only got the two last hours of school. So I actually thought that school began at that hour. So the second day of school I was late. Of course I debated with them, because they never informed me of the hour that school started. I won the debate. So from that day on I was on time. On the third day of school I learned new lessons: Math, Biologie, French and P.E. Their are only four new lessons, because my two last lessons were English and I already knew what that was. But I actualy didn't know P.E. Because our teacher of P.E. was sick and so we had an extra lesson of French instead of playing outside, since a lot of children had problems with that language. But I understood it very fast, like with English. On the same day I learned about the pause. The pause is a time, of 15 minutes or so, were all the children could play on the playground. When we arrived there I went to a corner and hid myself in the shadow. Silently I watched the kids play with each other and laugh. Even if I was alone and they weren't, I didn't feel any jealousy. I actualy liked to be alone. So it realy didn't bother me. And then suddenly Tsuki came to me. "Why are you all alone?" she had asked me and I just shrugged. "Because I want to, I guess." for a second she just looked at me with a blank face and then grabbed my hand. "Come with me." she had said and I had frowned. "Why should?" she had frowned at that question and grabbed my hand tighter, almost as if she wanted my blood to stop running to my hand. "Come. With. Me." I just looked at her with a blank face. I wasn't afraid of her and she knew it. So she just pulled me and I just let her. Not really wanting to do anything. After a second I realized she was pulling me to a group of kids. And that was when I was struggling. I didn't want to socialate with people. But, and I didn't know how, she succeeded on pulling me to the group. Tche. She was lucky that I couldn't hurt her! When we arrived, I was mumbling under my breath. The lines like 'I hate you' or 'I banish you to the depths of Hades' were hearable and she just smirked at that. It just irritated me further. When I looked up at the group of kids, they were staring at me and I growled. "Were are you all looking at?!" I sneered and they jumped a little. I smirked victoriously, but then a guy from the group tched. "We were looking at you, dumb *ss. Don't have eyes or what?" my eyes widend a little and I looked arrogant at the boy. For a second I observed him. He wasn't very tall, seeing his age, but he was a little taller than me, he had black hair that reached mid his neck, saphire blue eyes and a pale skin. He was cute. Not my type, no. Really not my type, but he was cute. And annoying. "Yes, I have eyes. Can't you see them? I think that you need some glasses." he frowned at me and growled. I just smirked. "Was that a growl? Seriously? Tche." I kept provoking him and he gritted his teeth, seemingly annoyed. "Tche, it was better than yours." I huffed. "No, it wasn't. And you know it." he growled again at me and I snickered. I was liking the fact that I was the one who was annoying him. "Myuu, leave him alone." a little surprised I looked at Tsuki and she looked at me seriously. After a moment I sighed and shrugged while rolling my eyes. "Fine." I turned around and started walking away from the group. But then. "Yeah, walk away. Go crying in the bathroom because you broke a nail, whimp." and that was when something snapped. I stopped in my tracks. I breathed in deeply through my nose and turned around very slowly. When I faced him my teeth were clenched and my eyes were small and full of rage. "Dont you," I was furious, "Ever," out of rage "Call me," murderous, "A," bloodthirsty, "Whimp." I wanted his blood. And that was when I lounced myself at him. I grabbed him by his shirt and just threw him away. He flew 10 feet in the sky and landed on a rack, that broke from the impact. Still full of rage I stomped over to him and was ready to punch him, hard. But something, or actualy someone, caught my fist. I looked up and saw that Tsuki was looking at me with anger. She pushed me away and stood in front of me, between me and my pray. "Step. Away." she just shook her head and kept looking mad at me. "Touch him and I'll kill you." I wasn't afraid of the threat, but at the tone of her voice you could hear that she wasn't kidding. So I just tched and turned around. "Fine." I walked away and left the two alone. That day I was sent to the principal again. This time I left with a warning and another month of cleaning duty. Yay. Fun.

The fourth day of school wasn't any fun. Tsuki ignored me because she was mad at me. Why? Because I had hurt her precious friend. Kyoya was his name. Tche. Fine if she didn't want to talk to me than I wouldn't talk to her or even try to apologize. But luck wasn't at my side. From the principal I needed to apologize to the b*stard. I had refused, but he had made me do it. So that day I went to the group and walked straight towards Kyoya. The other memebers, their names I didn't know, looked at me in surprise and had frowned. Yes, I know. I know. You didn't like me, bad for you. "Kyoya." he looked up at me and scowled. "What are you doing here?" I frowned and gritted my teeth. Did I really need to apologize to this guy?! He didn't even deserve it!! "Rack off, show pony. I was just going to apologize." he pulled up an eyebrow and I nodded softly. Than suddenly he grinned and crossed his arms. I didn't like that position. "Well then, I'm waiting." I growled and also crossed my arms. So that was the b*stard's plan. Tche! Mother f*cker. "I'm sorry." I mumbled under my breath. He narrowed his eyes and looked at me as if he hadn't heard me. "What did you say?" I growled again and looked up at him. "I said that I was sorry." I said a little louder and this time he heard me, but he wasn't finished yet. "I'm sorry, but I really don't hear you. Speak up, will you?" I gritted my teeth and than suddenly I came up with something. So if he wanted to play it like that, I'm going to backfire that plan. "I'm sorry that I, a girl, tossed you around 10 feet in the sky like a doll and that I, a girl, broke your arm!!" I yelled at him and his eyes widend. Everybody looked at us and some of them even snickered. I, of course, smirked victoriously. "Shut up! And apology not accepted!" he gritted his teeth and I just shrugged. "Wasn't my purpose, I just needed to apologize to you from the principal. It's not because I wanted your forgiveness, dumb *ss." I turned around with still a smirk on my face and it grew wider when I heard him growl. Yeah, take that b*stard. If you play with fire, you'll get burned. I could hear him mumbling something under his breath, but I just ignored it. When I walked towards my corner and surprise washed over my face when I saw Tsuki standing there. I took a deep breath and stopped in front of her. I crossed my arms and didn't, again I didn't know why, look her straight in the eyes. "Myuu." she sighed and I pulled up an eyebrow. "Tsuki." again she sighed and crossed her arms too. "I heard that you apologized to Kyoya." I just nodded and looked up; staring at the sky. "That's good than." I just shrugged my shoulders and kept looking at the sky. It just caught my interest. I always wondered how it would be like to be able to fly. When I felt someone's touch on my skin, I backed off immediatly. Tsuki, for the first time since I know here, looked a little surprised when I growled at her and glared daggers at her. I didn't like physical contact, even when I shook hands with her I disliked the touch. "Dont. You. Ever. Touch. Me." instead of being afraid of the threat, she just nodded. "Okay." my face stayed blank and my eyes stood hard; not showing any emotion. Again she sighed. "Do you want to be friends again?" the sudden question caught me off guard. Heh? "Why?" surprised she looked up at me and I just kept a blank face. On the outside I may looked like I felt no emotions, but on the inside I was curious and surprised. Because today she showed a lot of emotions, more than usually. "Because you're interesting." I frowned out of confusion. Okay, I wasn't expecting that. "Hn. I think you're interesting too." after that no words were exchanged. We both knew that we were friends again. So words were no longer needed. I didn't know why, but I was glad that I had my friend back. Ugh, school is making me sappy. I'm going to need to change that. After school I'll fight with a bear to get my toughness back. Yeah, good plan.

The fifth day of school went by as a flash. Nothing special happened on that day. I didn't even hit someone. Or growled. No, that day I was like... not me. I hated it. Seriously hated it. So, I decided to change that. The sixth day of school I pranked almost everyone. Except Tsuki and Kyoya, because Tsuki would really kill me if I had done something to that guy. I don't even know why she's like that around him. But I didn't bother myself too much with it. She probably had her reasons. But so, back to the pranking. I pranked the members of the group that Tsuki always talked to. I pranked a girl, Arashi was her name I heard, by putting an innocent frogg, poor frogg, in her pockert and when she felt in it, she screamed and the frogg jumped out of her pocket. I snickered and another girl, Misaki was her name, laughed at her. After that she came to me and congratulated me for the nice prank. Okay, I liked that girl too now. I also pranked everybody in my class by bringing a real spider to my class. A poison one. It was a total surprise that it didn't bite someone. Because they were all running like crazy and screaming and crying. It was so funny. But then the teacher came in. When she saw the spider she just stood there, staring at it. And after a minute she started crying and began making hysterical noises. Then she finally sank onto the ground and rocked herself back and forth like a little child when it was afraid. On that day I learned that my teacher has arachnofobia. And that day she was traumatized and brought to a clinic where she was being taken care off. On that day the principal was furious at me and this time I got detention for the whole year, suspended for a week and got another two months of cleaning duty. Great.

Time skip: A week later...Edit

Today I could go to school again. And I could tell that everybody hated me now because of what I did to Mrs. Shojiki. But come on! How the Hell was I suposed to know that she had a freaking fobia for spiders? I dunno people. But they didn't care, they just blamed everything on me because I didn't listen and was cocky and etc. And as a provement for their hatred towards me, they called me names. Words like 'Hell Child' and 'Spiderwoman' were heard everywhere I go. But I didn't care what people said to me. That was just how I am. I didn't care about anything. But hey, what did you expect? But I was actually glad that Tsuki still talked to me from time to time. And that Misaki girl also showed up some time. Even the gril I pranked, Arashi, came to me and talked to me. I was very surprised she didn't hate me. Because I had pranked her, so why didn't she? I asked her and she answered because she thought I was cool. Okay, than. "Myuu?" I snapped my head up and looked at the substitute teacher, who had called me. "What?" my voice sounded irritated, because I was, and I knew it wasn't very polite, but who the Hell cares? "Myuu dear, that isn't a way to talk to your teacher, okay? ." she said to me softly but with a stern voice of her. It was a weird combination, but it fit her good. "Yes, teacher. For what do you need me?" I spoke with false respect, but I was a good actress, so she didn't notice. "I want you to tell your fellow classmates that they will have P.E. tomorrow." she said to me and I frowned. Did she seriously think that my fellow classmates wanted to listen to me? They didn't even want to be near me. So how the Hell was I going to tell them? "I think you beter find someone else to do the task." I said calmly while looking back at the book I was reading. It was a very interesting book. 'The Da Vinci Code' was the name. It was a good book for as far. When I looked up again the sub-teach just frowned and rested her hands on her tighs. "Is that so?" I nodded and she frowned deeper. After a while she sighed. "Okay than, I'll ask someone else to do it for me. But don't forget your P.E. uniform, okay?" I nodded and she smiled a little before walking away. And at the moment I wanted to go back to reading my good book, the bell decided to start ringing. With a frustrated growl I closed my book, remembering the page, and put the book back into my schoolbag. Nobody reads this book, so it was alright to take it with me, right? "I saw that young lady." a little surprised I looked up and saw that the libarian was looking at his paper. How...? "Give the book back." the man spoke with a harsh stern voice and I bowed my head a little. A little ashamed I took the book from my bag and handed it over. "Sorry." I mumbled very softly, so soft it wasn't hearable for human ears. But the man had heard it and smiled. "No problem, kid." and when he looked up a socked expression took over of his features. Questioning I pulled up an eyebrow. "What's the matter, sir?" why was I being polite? Ugh, I don't care. Didn't matter now, though. "Ugh. Nothing, but if I may aks: What is your name, young lady?" he asked very nicely, the nicest anyone has ever talked to me 'till now. It surprised me a little, actually. "Uh, Myuu Sama, sir." for the first time my voice was small and innocent. I hated it, but didn't care much though. I was that the man's eyes widend. "Oh. Well, it's an honor to meet you, milady." he spoke softly with respect and admiration while he bowed for me on his chair. Surprised I stared at the man and was stunned. Okay, this was uncommon and a little strange. But hey. Who cared? "You asked me what my name was, now I demand yours." why was I talking like some royal snob? A little surprised he looked up and smiled than. It was a pretty smile, I was honest about that. "My name is Hachi. Hachi Tsuyuki. With the 'Tsu' as kanji for 'Tsuki'." in my mind I laughed a little with the irony, but on the outside I just smiled lightly, invisible. But he saw it and smiled wide to me. "Hey, you know what?" huh? Interested I looked up at him while he gave me the book back. With a questioned look I looked at him and he smiled while ruffling trough my hair. "You can keep it. Nobody reads that book anyway." curious I watched his face; looking for a joking expression. When I found non, I smiled and nodded. "Thank you." I mumbled softly while running towards the exit. "No problem, milady." he whispered, but I heard him clearly and smiled again. Finally. Someone nice.

"Okay, kids! Today we are going to have P.E. mixed! Boys and girls!" the teacher of P.E. for the boys yelled excited before leaving and closing the door. I heard all the girls groan out of dislike. I pulled up an eyebrow and heard Tsuki sigh beside me. "What is the problem? You always search for the boy's attention and now an opportunity is given to you and you don't like it? Why?" when that left my mouth all of the grils turned to look at me with a scowl on their faces. "Because it's embarrising! And did someone ask you something, creep? I don't think so, because nobody talks to you, Spiderwoman!" a stupid blond haired girl snarled at me and I just huffed. Tche, stupid child. "Well, she didn't ask you something!" I was surprised with the sudden anger in Tsuki's voice. She never showed such a powerfull emotion before, beside with Kyoya. It was actually a little scary. "Yeah, nobody asked for your opinion!" shocked I looked at Misaki who stood from her place to yell at the blonde. "Yeah!" Arashi joined them and stood also from her place next to Misaki. "Whatever, weirdos!" the blonde yelled and turned her back to us. That caused me to snap. "Hey, you b*tch!!" anger was hearable in my voice and it echoed through the dressing room and everybody gasped. The blonde b*mbo turned around with her mouth wide open and she looked like someone just slapped her. "Nobody talks to my friends like that, b*mbo! Oh, and close your filthy mouth! I can smell your horrible breath from miles away!!" I screamed furious and wove my hand in front of my nose to impress my sentence. It wasn't lied though. I really could smell her breath from miles away and it smelled like to much parfum. It was disgusting! "I would shut it if I were you!! At least I am not the one who traumatized our teacher!!" she yelled and she smirked when she saw my eyes widen a little. I growled and crossed my arms. Victoriously she turned around and everybody, except Tsuki, Misaki, Arashi and I, clapped for her and congratulated her for shutting me. Again I growled. She was going to pay. But now I must undress myself quickly. But when I looked in my bag, I saw that my shirt was missing. I groaned out of irritation. Just my luck. With a sigh I pulled down my skirt and pulled my shorts out of my bag. Suddenly I felt all the eyes on my back and when I turned my head, they all looked away, embarassed. Alright then. As fast as the wind I put on my shorts and my shoes. Of course I left my shirt on and walked to the door. Without a warning I opened the door to see that nobody was there yet, but even though all the girls screamed. I groanded out of frustration. "Nobody's ready already, Jesus!" I screamed out of frustration and slammed the door shut. Ugh! These girls irritated me like Hell! No, I even bet that Hell was so much better! With a big huff I sat down on the bank and waited for the others. After a minute somebody finally came. No, not somebody, some people. Boys. Ugh. I tried not to pay much attention to them and that was really simple. Because none of them caught my interest. Untill... "Hey, isn't that Spiderwoman?" I heard a boy whisper in his friend's ear and I could feel the other nod. The tiny waves of wind by his movements blew against my skin and I felt them like the wind was blowing harsh onto my face. "Yeah, that's her. She looks kinda creepy." the other boy answered with a little fear in his voice and I growled loudly at his comment. With an angry face I looked up at them. "Well if I scare you so much, why don't you look the other way?!" I praticully yelled at him and he crumbled together. But I just scoffed and looked away from them and concentrated on the wall where there were many pictures of children who did gymnastics and stuff. So that was what you did at P.E.? This was going to be easy. After a while Tsuki & Co came out and sat next to me. I smiled lightly at that, but it vanished the moment that blonde b*tch walked out. And she ran to the boys and started flirting with them. Why did

Why didn't that surprise me? And then finally all the girls came out and went to stand by the blonde's side. And our group was the outstander. But did we care? No. Why would we stand there with the babbling kids while we could sit in peace? "Sama!" the teacher's yell shut all the mouths of the kids and I thanked him mentally for the silence, but actually wondered why he called me. "Yes?" I asked actually a little innocent. Because I was. Why did they even yell when I didn't do anything? It didn't make f*cking sence! "Where is your shirt?" he asked a little bit irritated and at first I blinked, but after a second my face cleared in understandment. "Oh, I lost it." was all I said and he frowned at me. "You lost it?" he repeated me, but in a question and I rolled my eyes. "That's what I said." I answered dryly and he just scoffed. The teacher turned around and walked away only to come back a moment later with a shirt. "Well, you're lucky I have some spare shirts. Don't lose this one, got it?" he asked while throwing the shirt at me. I catched it and nodded. "Got it." I said before pulling off my school shirt and throwing it away. I could feel the eyes on me, so I looked up and saw that everybody was staring at me. I'll tell ya, it wasn't very comfy. So I quickend my movements and put on the shirt as fast as the wind. After that they kept staring at me for a while untill the teacher finall decided to break the akward tence. "Uhm. Okay, kids. Listen up!" all the children's attention was now focused on the teacher and I thanked I didn't know who for that. "Because we are mixed today. We're going to play doutchball." I heard the boys cheer and the girls groaned again in dislike,except of Tsuki, Misaki and me. This time Arashi also groaned. Ugh, man up b*tches. "Now, because there are as many boy as girls, we are going to play boy versus girls." all the boys cheered again and the girls groaned again. "Now stop with the groaning! Come on, in teams!" still groaning the girls stood up and went to the left side of the gym and the boys to the right side. The teacher went to the middle adn spoke again. "You all know the rules: Do not throw the ball at the face, if the ball touches the ground first it doesn't count, you can hit more people at once and if someone catches your ball, your out." he told in one long blur, but I still understood it. Okay, so that was doutchball. I understood. "Okay?! Alright! Play!" he threw the ball at the side of the boys and a boy with silver hair caught it. All the girls tried to hide behind each other, except for Tsuki, Misaki and me. Tsuki stood in an observation mode and Misaki in a daring mode, like if she dared him to throw it at her. While I just stood there. Without my guard up, without trying to hide, I just stood there. And that caught the boy's interest. He grinned and threw the ball at me. I rolled my eyes and catched the ball with no problem. The boy looked surprised for a second and frowned then while he moved to the side. I looked at the ball and played a little with it. Now I have the power in my hand. I peered from behind my eyelashes and observed how the boys stood. When I found how I could easly hit four, did my body came in action. With one swift fast move I threw the ball and it knocked down four kids like I predicted. But the pained expression caught my interest and I rolled my eyes. Oh, please I didn't hit them that hard. Behind me I heard some girls cheer and I rolled my eyes again. Tche. Girls. And so the game continued. Each time I catched the ball and threw some boys out. And everytime some girls cheered happily. Because we were going to win. And when I knocked out five boys, my record, I cheered a little myself and totally let my guard down. When I looked back a ball hit me straight in my face. That was when everyone became silent. The only sound that was heard, was that from the ball that hit the ground and bounced further away from me. For a moment I stood there in silent myself, but then... I became furious. With a dark aura surrounding me I looked up at the group of boys and glared at them with fire burning in my eyes. "Who. Did. That.?" I pronounced every word clearly and with much hate and anger. Each boy stepped aside and pointed at a boy who was curled up in a ball behind the others. "Gingka did it!" they yelled with fear and the boy with flamy red hair peered trough his arms at me and grinned innocently. I just glared daggers at him and approched him calmy and dangeriously. The closer I got, the more he curled up together. And when I finally arrived in front of him, I ticked him on his shirt and he shivered. Suddenly he grabbed my hand and looked at me with fear. "Don't hurt me, please!" he begged and I wanted to scoff, but it was stuck in my troath. When he touched my hand I felt electricity run through my body and my body moved automaticly. I was forced to look him straight in his eyes and shocked when I met them. His eyes were big and even more widend with fear. They had the color of gold mixed with chocolate brown and they had a little blueish color on the side. They were breathtaking. But when my eyes wondered over his face my breath hitched and all I could do, was stare at that face. Why had I the sudden urge to kiss him? When that came in my mind I frowned and pushed the boy away. When he fell on his butt, I felt an inhuman pain coarse through my body. But I ignored it and turned around. I didn't want to see his scared face. And I didn't know why. "Man up, will ya." and with that I walked away from him and kind of rushed to the dressing room, where I sat and burried my face in my hands. What was that? What was that feeling when he touched me? What was that? I didn't know. And that irritated me. I didn't know. This was so weird and rare. It was confusing. Well, at least there was one thing I did know, one thing that wasn't confusing and was true: I couldn't forget him now.