Social IssuesEdit


It was still dark outside when I woke up, again, for the fourth time this week. I was getting used to it, however, I knew this wasn't healthy. I tried everything: going to bed really late, sleeping pills, punching my head against a wall, okay I didn't really do the last one, but I had the urgue to do it. Really. My alarm went, it was actually just my cellphone ofcourse and I finally stood up, after laying on my bed with my eyes open for a while, I realised I had to go to school again, but I really wasn't feeling well. We had a new classmate and she was just plain weird. I mean, yeah, sometimes I also wanted to punch people in the face, but I didn't do it (that often). Well, maybe if I could socialize she would calm down. I doubt that, I wasn't that social either, but it was worth giving it a shot. When I do something stupid, I atleast have the excuse of nothing having parents, but I couldn't tell anyone ofcourse or they were going to take away my home. I shivered when I tought about that. I went to the bathroom to prepare myself for school, a long day was laying ahead of me...

I'm gonna finish this, but I don't have the urgue to write anymore :(